Product Details: Fisher-Price Stow ‘n Go Bassinet

A comfy spot for baby to sleep, until your return!

Whether your little one is at your accommodation, or at the venue, this portable flat bassinet gives your baby a comfortable spot to soothe and snooze, without taking up a ton of space.

Security & Happiness: Soft padding and sun blocking visor help baby feel secure when away from home.

Fine Motor: Dome includes link toys that will keep baby busy while strengthening and developing fine motor skills.

Comfy, flat sleeping surface for sweet dreams at home or on the go!

Calming vibrations help soothe baby.

Mesh sides for breathability—makes it easy to see baby too!

Suitable for babies up to 7kgs.

  • To order a bassinet for your babysitting booking, select the ‘bassinet hire’ add-on after choosing your appointment time.
  • Currently only available for Sunshine Coast bookings.