How can a wedding nanny make your special day easier?


There’s no doubt about it, weddings can be a tad stressful at times. There’s so much organising leading up to the big day. Then on the day you just want your wedding to go smoothly and as stress free as possible.

If you need a little help with the children on the day, a wedding nanny can help! Our wedding nannies will do all that it takes to keep your littlest guests entertained and happy throughout the night. 


A nanny takes out a little of the stress


During key moments like the ceremony, speeches, MC announcements and so on they will keep the children occupied. The wedding nanny will make sure they are fed and entertained. They ensure that they have fun games and activities that the children can enjoy.

Depending on your wedding the babysitter can stay for just the reception or the entire event. Whilst you are enjoying the wedding, you’ll know that your child is in good hands!

Benefits of having an on-site nanny


Our nannies will come to your wedding to take care of the children during the ceremony. If you would like the children to be involved in your reception, then a kids room or kiddie table is a great idea. Nannies sit with your children at their designated kiddie tables. Sometimes it’s even possible for the wedding venue to supply a separate area at the venue to set up a kids space. If you want to see some goofy dance moves from your littlest guests, then designating a specific area for them is exactly what you need!

Nannies arrive equipped with all the necessary supplies to keep each child happy and entertained throughout the event. Having on-site sitters will also allow the adults to pop in at anytime to check in or scoop their little ones up for a quick dance.

Benefits of having an off-site nanny


Our wedding nannies can attend your venue to keep the children busy and entertained, but if you’d prefer, the children can be cared for at the accommodation. So if you are hosting an adults only reception, having the children stay at their hotel room with their babysitter is the most ideal scenario. That way the kids can play and have fun without disturbing anyone. 


Nannies always bring along age appropriate activities such as activity books, pencils, stickers, arts and crafts, books, movies, and various toys and games. The added benefit would be them possibly being sound asleep when their parents return. 



4 suggestions to help you decide what’s the best option for your special day

1. No children rule for an adult only wedding for an uninterrupted wedding ceremony. The nanny cares for your children at accommodation.

2. Immediate familys children only for ceremony and reception, and can be looked after on-site by the nanny. 

3. Children permitted at the ceremony only and looked after at the accommodation once it concludes.

4. Several wedding nannies can keep everyones children occupied at the venue. That way they are still able to checked in on throughout the night.


If you have an upcoming wedding and would like to know more on how we can help contact us at Wedding Nanny!


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